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Random Eidom...

Happy Eid, not very happy though.. am working during eid so it's not happy at all...

this is a messy post, o 7adda emragga3 with both thoughts and colors, ma3alish tawfooha..

ya7elo el 3eed awal, it had a beautiful distinguished flavor.. where did it go?!

I miss Lalooda, my bestest friend and cousin, am glad she's in a boring states, so now I don't have to be jealous, I only need to work on that missing her part.. her birthday is exactly a month away from today =} Happy Birthday sugar.. Love you gazillion..

El Feryah..

This was the only mosalsal I was tabe3ing, even though I started watching like half way through, bs madri shlon tafatny akher 7alqa! I used to come from work late everyday sit and watch it with my mother then go to sleep, I do not know how it slipped my mind ={

omy galatly bombarak mat ={ ze3alt 3alaih, ma3anney 3assabt wayed 3aly sawah..

bombarak.. bombastic.. funny fantastic..

ams lama 7essa ghannat lolowa 7ag walad-ha bechait..

7ayat elfahad a7es-ha nafs omy, tayba o maskeena o 3asabeya o baseeta o ghashmarcheya o fun o 7asasa o dayman etbady 7abayebha 3ala 3omrha =}

etyanin =}

I had futoor with my boss yesterday, sheltari? madri!

I don't know what's wrong with my blog's main window.. but am posting anyway.. CAN YOU READ ME?!

a7aty lekuwait, a7es mo 3arfeenalah..

Got a job offer.. where I'll have to stay here, I might pass.. a good chance.. .. madri.. I have 4 days to think it through.. *FINKING* *FINKING* *FINKING*

I love me

a7ad feekom shaf om khammas?

DiDi-O, the awesomest child, 1 year and a half yet already bossing around, a taurus like me =} who just loves to make sure that everybody she loves is around her.. if she sees you going towards the door she'd get up with an angry look on her face, grabs you from your finger, leads you down to where everyone else is sitting and keeps an eye on you, she also loves to scream around her newborn baby brother.. can't get enough of her.

I lost the weight I wanted to lose, I know I can't lose more... now what?

Mushy Mushy...

I love my cat.. she thinks she's a monkey.

I miss my stuff that was stolen in Syria on my way back home from Lebanon.. I don't want to think of what might they be doing to every precious thing..

my clothes, my laptop, my ipods, presents I got for my brothers, my mobile, my CD's, .. the list goes on.. but most hurtfuly my camera

I only wish I could get the pictures I took of the war back.. the huge Israeli survey ship in the night.. beautiful images.. real moments.. to whomever took them.. I don't think I could forgive this time.. it was mean.. really mean.

I want to be there for my friends.. but they don't want me to be there for them.. beltagag.

I also hate alot of the people I have to deal with at work.. they are mentally retarded, thank God I only have 3 days to go..

Happy Eid inshalla Happy ..

Welcome back to your blog :P

I also watched el farya only from those dramatic shows and after the last episode I understood it was unrealistic! Men that time won't die cos their 1st wife does not want them anymore. People that time won't boycott a man cos he got married to a second wife no matter who she is, even if it was a bad girl!

Why are you working during Eid? That sucks!
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Hopeless Poet, matadri yemken kanaw awal nas entabhaw 7ag mawthoo3 il remariage, maybe this is how it started =}

Error, 3alaina o 3alaik!! =}
oh sij, o why am I working for Eid, cause it's boring, not like there's anything to do, fa keep myself busy with work a7san, that was the idea until I met who I was going to work with, allah la yableekom.
happy Eid little cos
I love the streeming thouhgts of this post, great way to vent, I miht want to do that soon :)
take it easy baby girl and don't take on yourself more than your young age can carry..
miss you
White Wing, you're the greatest you know that =} love ya cuz

عيدكم مبارك وكل عام وأنتم بخير
NuNu, Vivay entay =}

ayamech sa3eeda babe
yes i can read you,finally

3eedich mbarak
Brava Valentina, hehe I know finally, ayamech sa3eeda =}
Take the job
o ag3ad bel kuwait.. I think I'll convince myself that it's just a "for a while" thing maybe it'll help..
i loved your random thoughts... :)

wa 3eedic imbaraaak....

my mom was hooked on el farya... and she would tell me all about it even though i didnt watch it since i dont have arabic channels in my apartment.. bss yeah, she told me he died at the end...

awal mara i visit your blog... very nice place ;)
A Daydreamer, yeah to me it was also good qualitytime to spend with her since I've been so busy in ramadan, yalla we can both go back to our lives now =}

feel free to come again =}
im in lebanon.. want me to pick up ur stuff;p ?
hello ;p
i loved the post!
ana taba3t il firya min il ni9 ba3ad!! 7adha tyanin!!
I love my cat.. she thinks she's a monkey. << that's funnt :P
aaaandd 3asach min 3awada ;p
funny* =$
what a wierd post .. yet a good one

- working during eid is the worst thing ever .. يعني مو كفاية عيد وكآبة بعد دوام

- لفرية وايد حلو بس الله يهداهم وايد مطوه يعني كان كفاية 15 حلقة .. بس الحلقة الأخيرة بجيت فيها لما قلت بس .. وحصوه الجلبة لما غنت هالأغنية وايد بجيت
والله يخلليلج الوالدة .. سلميلي عليها

- YES I CAN ;*

- Omm khammas 3ajeeba .. i loved her

- 3ala 6ary el yahal .. my 2 years old son stood by the door with his hands blocking it when hanan wanted to leave .. it was so cute

- & sorry to hear about your stolen bag .. my camera & ipod were stolen from my house last month .. & you're right I wish that I could only get my pictures back .. & on my way back from Sharm El shaikh a couple of days ago my earnings were stolen .. they thought it was gold .. قلعتهم

وعيدج مبارك
اول شى انا تعلمت لغة يديدة عندج

يعنى متابعة ؟؟؟

يعطيج العافية :)
والفرية كان وايد عليها 30 حلقة كافى كان 15 جان صرت اشد :)
Samboose, hayateee! miss you, are you done with the pregnancy?? hehe yalla I wanna see =}
Alia, hehe

- 3ad to work in Eid was better for me than to just sit and do nothing, at least I was busy to think about anything..

- allah yesalmech yosal =}

- I KNOW! eyanenoon ohma o ballotat-hom so funny =}

- aaww your 2 year old is alot like our 1 year and a half =} I don't really like kids but some you just can't help but to love!

- yay ya3ni entey et7eseen fene o bely marait feeh ={ am sorry you had to go through this it really does suck, GIVE US OUR MEMORIES BACK YOU JERKS!

still not outta my system ={

ayamech as3ad was3ad Amen =}
Mishari, ee we are esta3meling those words to 3abbering 3ad how we feel without the need to switch from english to 3arabo =}
Syria isnt that far;P
umbaaaaay u got the wrong samboooosa :| .. am 17 am not pregnant am not even married!!! :| 5ara3teeeeniiiiiii .. ga3da agool ana mita 7imalt? LoL :P
um-mit3eb, but is that different, I wouldn't want you to go there ={

Samboosa, oh jeez! sorry sweety we have a blogger who should be having her baby anytime now esemha Samboose, sorry for the mix up =/
LooooOl laa 3adee its okii shda3wa ;p
Samboosa, no harm done =} and welcome to my blog hon =}
I always like to read random thoughts as I have lots of them in my mind .

your post is like you are thinking in loud voice. I don't deny that I do that a lot o sometimes ommi tgooli sheno geltay ?? agool laha .. huh !! wala shy !! am i crazy ! well.. I love it anyway :P

Happy Eid.. and Happy Halloween :)
Wild_Mare, hiiii =} missed you babe, and happy halloween to you too =}
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