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ناقصات عقل ودين

I got so pissed off today, so this post is an angy one..

I hate when guys relay on this line to prove that we are less than what they are! I wouldn't call myself Ms. know-it-all when it comes to religious matters but I do believe in logic, I know for fact that there can't be a religion that would differenciate between men and women is such way as the guy I was negotiating with did, the problem is that the guy KNEW he didn't have a point bs was insisting because it's mentioned!!


اي شئ يصير قالولك اييه معذورين مو النساء ناقصات عقل ودين..ياسلام

to be honest, the way it's said? it's kinda upsetting by itself you know... I sometimes don't blame the simple minds for taking it the way it sounds for their own spirit lifting.. tsk tsk tsk..

here's a small idea by what is meant with it.

We all know that us females have our brains attached strongly to our emotions, which makes our dicisions somewhat based on how we feel about certain stuff, & not all of us by the way, therefore we do not always follow what our brain tells us, IT DOES NOT MEAN WE'RE ANY LESS SMART THAT YOU DIMWIPS ARE!!

When a man's brain is strongly attached to.. what? his downstairs. excuse?

& as per religiously, oh as if you don't know about our monthly break that you blame all our attitude on, some of us are just bitchy it doesn't always have to be p.m.s. you know, so this healthy break that accures so that our whombs stay neat for your children leads us to missing our prayers, What's a man's excuse?

So in conclution, we are the way we are by nature, do not I repeat DO NOT use this line to tell us that we are less that men are!

طيب صحيح انه لم يذكر ان الرياييل ناقصين عقل ودين, هل هذامعناه انهم كاملين عقل ودين؟ وهل هذا ما نراه ؟ ولا اهما لهم عذر من نوع آخر؟

What's their excuse?

haha...well let me just say that who’s ever used this argument regarding women, is in fact "NAQI9 3AQLAN WA DEEN"...he came from a woman for god's sake!! And how sure are we of such a saying?...to me, I would never believe that the prophet would say such a thing, we all know that a good amount of what is thought to be said by the prophet as "7adeeth", was actually bought with money...therefore is false. I strongly believe that this is one of those "7adeeths". We all know how he held women to the highest levels or respect and adoration. Thus, this is an argument of a weak mind.
7abebi me tired me fasting me just got home me in bed
i come later
i explain what that saying means
it is totally misinterpreted
it sounds bad
actually it isnt
u wait
i will tell
i not read whole post cuz i tired
but i skim
u wait
Sponty.. they have no excuse! Thats why they blame it on us women..
Mello, exactly my point!! ya3ni if you call for unity, this is not the smart idea to go for it! it is weak =/

DR, for somereason I was reading your comment with an indian accent and was shaking my head left and right.. your explaination better be worth it! hehe

phoenix, etsadgeen? balla hal sya3a o emghazal ely yeseer before fotoor hatha mo nags 3aql wa deen? heff lel7eeny me7tara min el conversation!
This is a famous saying "hadeeth" by el-imam Ali (the prophet's cousin) and what he meant is exactly what u clarified, he did not insult women, he has high respect for women...

and there's more 2 this hadeeth but i 4got it...
عبارة ناقصات عقل ودين اصبح الجهلاء يستخدمونها .. بينما العبارة ترمى الى نقص العقل من ناحية الشهادة في المحكمة والدين طبعا لموضوع الحيض فينقص دين المرأة
yama ta7t ilsawahi dawahi !! hehe ..
i know for a fact (personally) that a lot of my male counterparts are a lot less smart w ma ydabroon 7alhom in their daily lives.
at least im sure that who ever uses this analogie is too stupid to prove a point by his own words rather than a qoute that he doesnt fully understand !!
Puppylove, thanx for your input.

Fuzzy, ma3endy fekra 3an shahadat al ma7kama, bs adry ena lah 3elaqa fee ta7akkom 3awatef el mar'a fe etekhath al qararat akthar min 3aqlha, which leads to a slight doubt in her judgement.

abdulaziz, sa7, yosta7asan ena el wa7ed mayefta7 7alja etha mo 3aref shyegool, bs wain etfahemhom ena they don't know what they're saying?! tough job believe me.
I've said it once and I will say it again, "don't take the advice of any religious especially Islamic scholar now a days cause they tend to mix their own beliefs with that of the actual religion in order to get their way and their way only!"

It's no use asking them anything cause if they don't have the answer they don't have the guts to say, "I don't know!" they will make something up!

The worst religious people would actually be the fundamentalists, the religious bankers and those who just act religious and grow their beards in order to get their paperwork done faster!
Error, ashkara.

The Stallion, bummer =/
You know what's men problem with these words, ena they think that Islam differentiate btw men and women and that men better than women. When it comes to logic,women nowadays are much stronger than men in the way they think and act. GUYS just go and read the explanation of this statement o ba3dain ta7achaw.
Dandoosha, ee 3endech eyahom!

*sponty cheerleading in the back..
ناقصات عقل : لأنهن لا يستطعن ان يصبحن قاضيات بمحكمة
ناقصات دين: لأنهن لايصمن رمضان كاملا
this is the right way to explain it ... and who ever thinks that we;re less smarter or wut so ever got to be lil bit "smarter" and start doing some readings.
Thank u mother courage....i was supposed to explain that.... :>
مو العلة ان مالهم عذر
بس مجتمعج مجتمع رجولي
شنسوي بعد
men are stupid.. throw rocks at them :P
Mother Courage, laish ma negdar enseer qatheyaat??

ee ok o ramadan same thing because of the period thing ok, bs salfat manegdar enseer qatheyat many fahma shel 3elaqa
DR, 3ad madri 7asait it needs more explaination.

Alia, fa rathya ena they call you naqsat 3aql wa deen?

un-mit3eb, hehe 7oloolech min el 3asr el 7ajary.

manseer qatheyat le'ana ta7kimna masha3irna sa3at =)
its the only thing that works;p shoo7yy biskharaaaa... yit'adab :P
Mother Courage, which is what I said, we sometimes think with our emotions rather than our brain =}

un-mit3eb, 3ad here they don't have a problem picking a bigger prick and smashing our heads with it as a reply hehe
الامهات يربون الاجيال من الرجال.. والمجتمع ذكوري لان المرأة كانت في الماضي لا تعمل مما دعى بالرجال بوضع الكثير من المعايير للرجال فقط .. حتى لو نلاحظ الكثير من المفردات في القاموس الانجليزي نجدها مكتوبه للرجال
بس الحمدالله ان الرجال يواكبون التطور ويقاسمون المرأة هذا المجتمع
والفال لباقي دول الخليج

ذكرتني بمقولة معروفة في فرنسا تدري شيقولون؟ يقولون ان الرجل اقوى من المرأة... بالقواعد اللغوية فقط

everything changes with time, and it's time men gave up their position to those who deserve it =}

طبعا ما أرضى ... هذا يسمونه عذر أصبح من ذنب

وفي النهاية العقل مو حكر على جنس معين
بس اهمه قال ايه خايفين علينا ... تخلف شتقولين بعد
Alia, ashwa 3abaly =P hathy el moseeba ena el 3aql malah 3elaqa eb man or woman it never was, bs women before were kept from expressing thier thoughts which lead men to believe that women are okay with the idea of them being second in everything, am glad I wasn't born at that time! things have changed now but men are so longing to the old days and holding on to the idea.

If anyone used this argument to say that men are smarter then women then he is really stupid.

But in general a man decision making tends to go more towards logic than emotions. That's not necessary always good though! In the modern workplace, we look for women to join departments that are men dominated because women's emotional minds brings newer outlook on decision making that men would neglect.

I have personally came across very smart women.

Spont, the guy you argued with was an idiot. Never argue with idiots, they bring you down to their level then beats you with experience.
Ee walla barday chabdy feehum!
hitman1, thank you that was good relief =}

I shall never argue with idiots again, even though this person did not seem like an idiot to me till this arguement.. yalla ma3alaina =}

MayaFushi, hehe ana mettakla 3ala DanDooSha =P
Where to start from?
Let's say that I agree with you mostly, specially about the centre of guys brain. All they think about is a way to get inside! And some of them use these kind of silly phrases to put down the weak ones of us. They're scared of us, because we are not as weak as our ancestors used to be. The woman era is coming, I just hope that we won't be dead by then.
blue ice navy LOL everything was so spirit lifting untlit the "let's hope we won't be dead be then" part hehehe
"women are emotional creatures" is only a theory, I think that emotionality is an indivitualistic and not a sex thing
when a person uses this sentence with me, i turn around and walk away, try it, best sulotion
chin up darling
انت مخك يوزن بلد :)
WhiteWing, ana sponty mo papich =P
صدقتي والله إن الحريم ناقصات عقل ودين ... الإعتراف بالحق فضيلة

بس لاتزعلين علينا هذا مو كلامي ولا كلامك كلام الرسول ..؟

عموما لو كان الرجل مثلما ذكرت في سؤالك ناقص عقل ودين لذكر الرسول هذا الشي الأول والشي الثناي مافيه رجل كامل ولا إمرأة كذلك لكن بالحديث عن الرجال فمنهم المدمغ ومنهم المتخلف ومنهم الغبي ومنهم .. ومنهم .. ومنهم إلخ ..هذا شي معروف أعتقد ومايبغاله ذكر بس ذكرته تقديرا لسؤالك ومجهودك

وكل عام وإنتي وأهل الكويت كلهم
بـ1000 خير وصحة وعافية

how the hell did this person become a doctor.

حجي احنا ما اختلفنا على المقولة, احنا مستائين من تفسير العقول البسيطة. اذا تعرف تقرا انجليزي راح تستنتج ليش النساء ناقصات عقل ودين وراح هم تعرف راي اغلبية المجتمع بالي يفكرون نفس تفكيرك البسيط

Think outside the box.
شكرا على الرد اللبق ولو كنت مثل ماقلتي عني في بداية تعليقك
how the hell did this person become a doctor.
لكني بما إني أخ بدون شك رح أعتبر إنها عادية عموما .. وبدون مانطلع عن سياق الموضوع ... أنا أعترف
I' weak in English ...
بس هم بعد أفهم مو لدرجة الصفر
لحدود 40% بكون معاك في المسار عموما بما إن الموضوع كان طويل جدا حتى ولو كان عربي أنا من عادتي أقرا مقطع وأعلق عليه تقدرين تقولين نوع من الإقتباس لكن لما قريت عنوان البوست حسيت إنه مالو داعي أقرا وأعلق على مقطع من البوست قلت أكتفي بالتعليق على العنوان وعلقت بشي خفيف لأني لسى جديد يعني مو من أصحاب المدونة لكن ألحين إن سمحتي لي أعتبر نفسي كذلك فأتمنى بصراحة فمعرفتك ذهب .. لكن لو لاحضتي في ردي كان سطحي زيادة عن اللزوم .. لكن إن حبيتي أتعمق في التعليق ماعندي مانع ولو إلي بقوله مختصر لكثر الكلام .. أدري إن المقصود بناقصات دين .. أن المرأة عند البلوغ تأتيها الدورة الشهرية مما يعرقل عليها العبادة .. مزبوط كذا .. وبخصوص العقل أكيد أهي إلي زعلتك ماعلينا ... المقصود بنقص العقل هنا ليس التفكير بمعنى أنها متخلفة أو غير واعية بتصرفاتها بل بالعكس فهناك نساء بألف رجل فالمقصود هنا أختي الحبيبة أن المرأة ذات عاطفة كبيرة لذلك فقد تطغي أحيانا عاطفتها على عقلها .. ماشاء الله طيب أهو فيكم خصلة ماهي عندنا .. ليش الزعل بس تري والله مايستاهل .. ؟

عموما أنا أعتذر فعلا إن سببت لك أي زعل ...؟

good then, cause the way you expressed it earlier didn't sound very intelectual so it mislead me, glad we're on equal footing.
شكرا .. وكل عام وإنتي بـ 1000 خير


Please don't burn you nervs over this sexist arguments. We are all naqseen 3agel o deen. Ya3ny eb thimmitich have you met a man who is kamel deen or 3agel. May Mahatma Ghandi is an exception, He's a great man, but who wants to have dinner with him. He doesn't talk for God sake, he's boring.

Absurd....yajime3aa the human race in general is F'ed up in princple... Wallah mala da3y lem3ayaat "intaaw a'3baa we7naa athkaa blah blah blah.."

Find a dumb man and Enjoy life. and by the way I'm kindaa dumb if you're interested :P
Devil Finch, LOL you don't sound to dumb to me!

ana sij met-thayga min el 7achy ely gala hathak bs 3ad mo metsha'ma kethrek allah yehadak hehe mara7 agool kamleen 3agt bs fe nas fehom el khair wel7emdella el denya ba3ad-ha bkhair, sij eny maqabalt a7ad feehom bs fee fee akeed fee.. inshalla fee hehe
Where r u ?

We miss u |:
am right here, just too busy to post anything =} will do in time inshalla.s
LOL!!! Whitewings seems to call every cousin Papi
I guess it's the new nickname of every cousin ;P

I don't wanna comment on this subject cause
الرياييل قاموا يستخدمون هالجملة حق أي مناسبة مالها داعي من غير مايفهمون المعنى الأساسي لهالكلام, صار الحكي مع هالعقول ما منها أي فايدة طول ما ان مخوخهم مقفلة
بنفس مايتفلسفون في جملة "الرجال قوامون على النساء" من غير مايكملون الآية
المهم ان يفسرون كل شي على كيفهم
الحمدلله والشكر
hehe NuNu, hatha o you don't want to comment, ashwa =P

bs seriously, good point.
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