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This post is inspired by Shorouq...

it's true you guys, it's been a while since I got excited over doing anything, specially with everybody leaving, lately the most exciting news I get is when my brother asks me what do I want for dinner which means we're gathering tonight "my brothers and some of our cousins" to play videogames over pizza or whatever, it is alot more fun than anything else I can think of, ya3ni I get upset if I was going "shopping" knowing that they are probably playing right now! Yes! almost as good as shopping! hwaooo!!







...Yoshi, My Favorite Character.

ask your brother about BATTLEFIELD 2

its an addiction !
laaa e7na addicted to mario party!!
videogames...hheeehhh...its been ages since i last played a videogame!

i'm aging way too fast.
Still Breathing, my brother is the fastest, I only play with him for the sake of playing no way for winning, if I do win we try to figure out why.
hehehe seems weve got another gaming addict :)

we play Games using a PC in the Dowaniya heheh Wifi Connected..
try this free online PC game called Gunbound, its fun to play it with a group of friends or family

Fuzzy, da7na mosh na'seen =/
would you believe if i say that i dont know how to play in these new video games :| am i too old or what !! hehehe... ebsara7a i prefer to play " atari " or " sakhar" whats wrong about that ! I still have the cassettes ! el ameera o el ba6reeq ehehehehe...

I guess my nephew plays better than me :)
Wild, ta3 haathy! 7esbalich ana tool 3omry player? I just started a month ago, latkhaleeny tell you how aweful I play heehe
NuNu, 7ayach =} etdeleen baitna
Playstation ...WinningEleven ...o BS :)
g.q ma7eb football =/
I was a mario addict filzamanat
Alia, yalla catch up =}
I'm so old school, that i prefer playing the old Super Mario game where all you had to do is go straight and jump up/down :)
No thinking there
Howahkan, I remember that one, it's totally different now like playing a while different game with a different concept and all.. just different.
Yoshi !
Shaakhbaaarrii ;p

That sound he makes when he flips..
Ooh.. Sweet memories ;p
filmgirl, ana tawni a3arfa! laish shakhbarech ohwa qadeem??
a7laa shay yoooshi ,, bs ma nintendoo el gadeem a7la shay :P
a7laa shay yoooshi ,, bs ma nintendoo el gadeem a7la shay :P
video games...thats an intresting topic...but im totally against for young ones...its an addiction and mostly very violent..im glad that im not into this...cheers
ok?....I didnt see that coming.
You and mario party! Well go Sponty!!!
Common Sense, ma3arf elqadeem bs el yedeed 7elo =}

me, am no young one anymore and believe me am an addict!
phoenix, when it comes to me, expect anything =}
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