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madri afra7 wela az3al, my f a v o r i t e s t niece the one I love more than anyone/thing I ever knew/even heard of just started walking and I missed it, I missed it I missed it I missed it! I mean okay I missed alot of my cousins' kids incidents and events both happy and sad, it does upset me not to be there for them and when I can't I know they understand, yet for this particular child I usually would go around the world twice not to miss out anything, oh and capture it on tape "well.. cells".
I was there for her every single firsts... thinking of them now makes me realize how she grew.. yakhti esmalla! =~} I am happy that she finally started walking really, I used to hold her hands and help her lead the way, she'd throw her foot out in the air to make a step and laugh knowing that she achieved something she probably doesn't recognize, the gloomy part comes as I wasn't there to see.. =~{ it really hurts just to hear about it miles away and not know what she's like trying to go somewhere all by herself, the falls, and ways to stand up...
I miss her curles

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ok the first comment just to be emailed to you. lol

I miss you
Awww 7aram! :o(
Papilliona, I miss you too babe.

The Stallion, ehummm =~{
NO WAY!!! I missed it as well.. Too bad, kint abi a7errich! =/
new post please
haw ka I posted!
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