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Did You Miss Meey!?

Now if you were Christian/religious with no sense of humor then you may find this book rather offending, the author does not mean attacking anyones faith, he just happens to have fruity imagination, other than such issues it's one hell of a book.
The books we all know speak about the birth of Jesus, or Joshua bar Joseph as he was called then, Josh as his friends called him, and then suddenly about him being crucified, a whole life of missing chapters, well maybe a couple of years before he was crucified, when Lamb howsoever - as told by the Christ's childhood friend Levi who is called Biff - talks about his early life, you know like when he was a kid and when he was a teenager and all kinda stuff that you wouldn't expect The Christ's crazy, whackjob, obnoxious friend, who had a crush on his bestfriend's mother, who also took the bullet and committed as many adultery as possible so that Josh can tell what is it like to sin, since he of course couldn't do it, one hell of a good friend, wouldn't you say?
I am not a book person, I just finnished rereading this book, the story starts with angels talking about how Biff is to be brought back from the dead and walk among the living two millennia after the crucifixion, that's a hilarious part, the angels and Biff don't really get along too well, I love the parts with the angels on them, cause you know it's sort of real and unreal? awesome :) the story ends up as we already know it, aside from the addition of Biff, and of course how it ends for him after being brought back from the dead before the kingdom had came, in to our world today.


I missed you so much


sniff sniff
aawwwww =~} I miss you too girl, looking good ;)
wain shifteeni?

Sponty I feeel like a celebrity already. Details later lol
it's a figure of speech hon =/ think outside the box =P
Look who's back!
Spon tha Neousnessity!

Welcome back babe :*
Shurouq, thanx babe =} good to be back =}
awwwww I miss that box :~)
welcome back :) hope u had the best of times..o lat3eedee'ha marra thanya raja'an ^_^
Papillona, =P

Sloth, injain =/ good to be back =}
welcome back :)
Welcome back sponty! :)

did we miss you?!!

how dare thee!?
Flam, merci awi awi honey =}

idip, hehe had to make sure =P
Missed you GALOB!! ;*
NuNu, miss you too honey =~}
ana tawni antebeh people have been commenting on me comming back and they all ignored my book! it's a hillarious book people!!

Kefkom =/ bs walla tara hillarious walla =/
LOL.. Well, the title is "Did You Miss Meey!?" So we're all answering that!

plus, people are not into reading these days.. You know just like how men are not into listening but into staring and not hearing a word you're saying or whatever.. You know how they're into rounded stuff.. you know what I mean?

oh! I have got this book.. OH MY GOD! You should read it.. when you're here.

My god I'm too hyper!
(too much caffeine)
Papillona.. o..kay!! hehe
Welcome baaaQ
Mother Courage, Mersooo =}
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Great book you got there!!Hillarious!!! =D

*I'm just bein' an ass kisser*
e shaklech tabeen salaf =P
Hehehe.. Yes please I do need "salaf" I need a car!
That's a great story. Waiting for more. here
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