Rien d'especial.. relax, kick back & feel at ease *^_^*



Time Off...

I just need some ME time =} .. alot of Me time actually, I am enjoying it and I'll be back when I have something to say =}

You won't miss me =}

Adios amigos


Who said we won't miss you?

You will be missed!
enjoy it!
hugs and kisses
Gonna miss you.. take care :)
liar !
u know u'll be missed ;)
Enjoy :)

Everyone deserves a little "ME" time :)

enjoy every moment of it, and remember that people who miss you are those who will be there for you.

I won't "adios" you back, I prefer "Hasta luego" instead.

Enjoy your time
Yes I won't miss you ;P
sponty, take what ever time you need but not too long
Of course you'll be missed.
But if your time off is in that setting of the picture, then good for you. Enjoy, relax, rewind, and come back tanned and refreshed.
i'll just wait here for you !

enjoy ;-)
missed you already :(
Enjoy your break.

And that is a beautiful picture.
Wait, how much is "a lot" ? :o
Luv you
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come back soon.. and for the record, i'd like to spend my whole life alone in that picture you posted!
oh wow you guys! how sweet of you all!

The Stallion, I didn't think I'd take that long that's what I meant

Papillona, I love you girl =}

Bo_ghazi, yakhchi! :P
Sloth, *innoccent look* meee??

Jazzy, so true my friend, so true.

Idip, Sir, yes sir =}

NuNu, I know you did ;)
a3sab, that wasn't long now was it?!

Mother Courage, 3asa ma tawalt 3alaich?

Jewaira, glad you likey =}

3baid, it wasn't supposed to be alot of alot, turned out to be so though =}

Angelicrage Sub-Blog, I so did too! I went to places a little close to what it may seem, what matters is my piece of mind, or peace of mind?? whatever it is it sure was peaceful =}
Where did you find it? Interesting read »
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