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Actual Wake Up Call...

I was out with a friend of mine having fun and stuff, it was a good fine day when suddenly out of nowhere I get a phone call from my grandma's house, it felt as if I got a call from a haunted house or something, I regret saying that but I haven't seen nor heard from these people in about 2 years, yeah we got few family issues that drove us apart, nothing personal I just hate visiting that house.. bad memories, I don't want to dig into that now check this out, I answer and it's my grandma on the other "ha Sponty! tawalty shino menty yaya?" (you took so long, aren't you comming over?) .. I doze off for a second thinking .. huh!! when did I ever speak to her! when did I say I was comming over! I haven't spoken to her in so long!! it hit me then .. "hala yumma ee walla nawya bs ensheghalt shwaya.. 3asa ma shar?" (yeah I planned to come I got a little busy, is everything okay?) she asks if this is Sponty, I say yes of course, "ee 3ayal ana dagga il raqm 3adl, yalla mo moshkela inshalla yom thani?" (yeah so I dailed the right number, no problem maybe some other day?) I confirm and hung up.. I drove passing wherever I was supposed to be going, I couldn't help but think what made my grandmother think I called her, who called her that she thought it was me!?? my friend suggested maybe she had a dream! okay maybe! but still! I called my cousin and ask if she calls since she's the only one in town, she says she never did but now that I brought it up maybe she should, .. I kept on thinking.. I thought of how much I miss my other grandmother, my long gone sweet adorable grandmother, the one with the fun jokes and the cutest laugh.. April this year she'll be gone for 10 years, how much I miss her! okay maybe this one is not as much fun but.. she really is adorable, and when you really think of it.. I mean.. yeah.. whatever... ...
I asked my friend to change plans "I really have to pass by my grandma's just say hi and leave" my friend was very supportive, so 20 mins later am at her house, I find my grandpa who's not all there sadly, with my uncle, I walk in say hi and my grandpa finding dificulties recognizing who I was, when he know who I was he had a smile on his face and asked me where the hell have I been all these years, I of course was speechless, I blame it on my busy life, ay busy ay bateekh I was out having fun!! I hated myself that moment, I think it showed, I jump to the point and ask about my grandma.. "she went to bed" my uncle said, "I just spoke to her less than half an hour ago! amdaaha?" "she takes pills" I felt great disappointment, I asked him to let her know that I passed by and I really wanted to see her, inshalla tomorrow I'll pass by again, I leave her place and I don't know what is this feeling I have, I mean I really really feel bad, at the same time am thankful that it's not too late, it could have been!
is that the wake up call?? it's actually is a wake up call! what is behind this thing!? why me?! whatever it was, I repeat myself over and over againg.. am thankful for it...
Thank You!

I think it was a wake up call! Despite any family issues, things have to worked out! Maybe your grand mom wanted to talk about those issues and resolve them!

I miss my grand father alot! By August of this year I would have been missing him for 6 years! There were soo many memories I had with him especially cause I lived in his house with him for half my life!

Allah yir7am aljamee3!
Personally, I think she missed you and did it on purpose so you remember her. :)
7ayate :)

you should feel thankful, wallah Sponty it is never too late. as the say "ma biga min 3omerna kither elli ra7" I know it's too scary

very touching post sponty
Please tell me that you past by her the next day and she was ok...
el 7mdillah that this wake up call is never too late!! Just make sure she's alright.
The Stallion, allah yerhama o yeghamed ro7a il janna.

Mayafushi, wouldn't that be cute? shakekatni beroo7y!
Charisma, shnaqzeta?!!

Papillona, it was a moving situation, I would be glad if someone knew what I mean..
misscosmokuwait, Yes I have =}

NuNu, she is =} thank God for that..
Sponty, I'm just wondering if I know this grandmother you speak of..

& I think it'd takes more than a wake up call for me to revive my long-lost family relations.
Shorooq, I didn't think anything would make me wanna visit that house again, I don't know but it really did wake a side of me I didn't know it ever existed, or I didn't think it would wake up at all.. I don't know how to explain that.. I just hope you take a step before it's too late..
My heart sank.....there's something about Family ties that you just have to keep alive. i'm thankful that you still have a chance to make up for lost years. A 10 minute visit makes a world of a difference!
i keep asking myself that question on a daily basis .. why haven't i been there ,, unfortunately all my grandparents have passed away .. so there's nothing i can do about it now .. but i'd like to think that they're with me.. i pray for them whenever they come to my mind..

its really sad to see some of the elderly patients whom their families have abandod them.. i mean one of them who is mentally unstable btw.. said.. " i had three visitors since august.. which is nice !!! " 3 in 5 months and she's thankful for it !! visit your grandmother and let her know you care.. no "family matters" can keep u from seeing your own mother ..
Samboose, true that =}

Sloth, oh dear heavens ={ I so do plan to do so I promised her that.
I get that feeling all the time, and I visit my relatives every week! :/
3baid, =/
If you don't want to see the rest of the family, even though you should from time to time, try visiting your grandma at times when you know she would be alone...I think this is when she needs you most actually..and
Keep it up ;)
NuNu =}
I mean NaNu =S
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