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WHAT IS UP WITH THAT WEATHER!!!! where is it already!!! we're half way through December and yesterday we had the AC on!!! Where the hell is winter!!!!! yuba manaby snow I Just want A FREAKIN WINTER!! I demand a freakin winter!! I demand a freakin winter and I demand one NOW!!!!..

Thank you,

yalla bye.

It's not here, I think someone stole it :/
we need winter police =~{
ee wallah chinha imsakhat il salfa
I think I know who stole the winter. :/
ok that's it

spontan.. "yer fired"
y u wanted the snow? becoze it gows inside the skin and frese the pone no good u lisened to me :)
Maleekat Al-Malook, I said we don't even want snow we just want some cold breezy wind to get to wear our pretty winter clothes.

Temetwire, inta sh3endek ga3ed tfawel 3alay!! I will not get fired am doing a great job they're thankful they have me, it's getting a little old so now stop it.
Papillona, it over emsakhated!!

Salty-C, who! who! who!
its cancelling on us this year
Mother Courage, more like ditching us!! =|
Dear Sponty,

Can u say global warming!

global warming

.. now what?
Come over and you'll find out.
ok bs come over wain!!
Do you need winter? We could lend it to you, at least half of it exactly.

But I would be glad to present to you all of it :)
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the_northern_colour, we'd highly appreciate that really! =}
NICE PICS!! I like the last one in particular.. very creative!
merci =}
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