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The Seven Things Thing..

Seven Things I Plan To Do:

1. Lose 3 kilos.
2. Travel in Eid.
3. Take my car for a car wash.
4. Visit my cousin and my good friends in say about seven countries.
5. Get over my fear of flying first hehe!
6. Write a book.
7. Leave.

Seven Things I Can Do:

1. Find the chocolate my mother hid from me.
2. Drive on road trips for many many hours. <- You can so count on me.
3. Be there when people ask for a hand.
4. Dance nonstop.
5. Navigate, with the modern equipments today who can't =P
6. Tell people how I truely feel about them.
7. Remeber things.

Seven Things I Can't Do:

1. Hide my face expressions.
2. Lie / pretend
3. Stay in Kuwait.
4. Not See Jouri for a while.
5. Hold my tears. <- 3ala ili yeswa weli mayeswa.
6. Watch Arabic or Indian movies.
7. climb a tree ={

Seven Things I Say The Most:

1. Sweety.
2. Who's with me!? <- a cricket sound is all you hear after this line, goes pretty silent!
3. WTF.
4. Big Deal.
5. Am not in the mood.
6. Am so in the mood.
7. Freakin'

Not Passing =P It stops here since almost everyone I know already been tagged =}

Freakin' cool :)
merci =}
or more like: freaking mecri hehe =P
first of all, amazing photo

second of all, There's no "second of all" I just loved the photo
Hahaha loved it!

My mom always hides the chocolate
Cant hide 'em either.
Bachwity ib baiza!
loooooooool climb a tree?!
La7tha you forgot to add the most important thing with the seven things you say the most, that is:

Think outside the box!!!!!

Add it NOW!!! Instead of sweety 3al aqal ;P
Leave ? as in run away ;-p

u cant live in kuwait ? LOL
1. Lose 3 kilos.
ever since ive known u u wanned to lose those 3 kgs, mo china what u lost had 3 kgs in them weya il waih :P

1. Find the chocolate my mother hid from me. <-- lol c y u cant lose those 3 kgs now? :P
"6. Watch Arabic or Indian movies." Moi aussie ...I just can't !
Papillona, glad you liked =}

Delicately Realistic, yeah all kids can I can't =~{

NuNu, oh sa7!! I do say that ALOT! LOL

Mother Courage, oho leave o khalas 3ad =P

Badoor, wenta il saj anzel wa7ed o adib dab lain yered o anazla o hathy 7alti =P

Blossom, I read ya sis =/
7ajeya, el pic yezach alla khair 7ajeya
Wow! I love the pic!!
It's been a long time. Eid Mubarak Everyone.
Oh btw, is that a condom in that pic? on the fingers! LOOK PEOPLE IT IS!
Temetwire, with all pleasure =}

Salted Caramel, you got taste girl =}

P.I.M.P, think outside the box pal =P

you're right NuNu!! lol I do say that alot, I also do mean it alot =P
hahaha....there's nothing like being a moody person. i know i am, and i love every second of it;)
Mello, I know what you mean ;}
Cool blog, interesting information... Keep it UP »
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