Rien d'especial.. relax, kick back & feel at ease *^_^*



Remember Her?

That's Rémi Bandali!
I have been looking for her songs for a while o madri shilttari!! I finally found some! it wasn't easy I couldn't even find a proper picture to post! Still looking though..
She brings beautiful childhood memories to me, I remember I was a kid and my older cousin was telling me how this cute tiny child sings around the globe mainly for her country as it was going through a war, and I didn't understand what did she mean with "war"? like in the movies? with blood and dead people and all? a couple of years later I knew what a war meant!
A couple of her songs that really do make me go way back "and not wanna come back" are those:
- 3atoona il Tofooli "aka Sauvez L'enfance OR Give Us A Chance"
- Teer o 3alli ya 7amaam.
- Baiti.
-La Tebki
- Emmy.
- Ghassil weshak ya amar.
Whatever happened to her!?

Never heard of her. The only song I could think of with a little girl is:

Ana 3indy arnibah.. iz'3eera 7ilwa imeddibah!
Oh my gosh!!! I remember when I first heard A3toona al-tifooli, It was in Music class and I started crying.....I felt so sad. Such a sensitive child....
3baid, you must be very young! =P

Samboose, yeah I cried too! I'd still cry if I hear it now!
I can't remember her..
"ya awwil kilmi.. 7ilwi bittim.. emmi ya emmi.. ya a7la em AAAAH 3aynaykeee blah blah blah"

awww I loved her :) and girls! I used to cry too lol.
bo_ghazi, ka just found something and added a link, check it out

Papillona, aww beautiful memories I swear =~}
Ok is this going to turn into a cry fest or what?!! GROUP HUG!!
Concept car!
Purg wee ya7asratna! lol!!
I don't remember her ???
True Faith!! mayseer!! ambaih am I that old?! lol
A blast from the past, Sponty
اعطونا "الطفولييي".. وطفوا النار، وبعدي "زغيري" وحلمي كبير يرجع يتعمر لبنان. وإجا العيد ونحنا فرحانيين.. تعا تعا يا بابا نويل

I think "ana 3indi arniba" was Sarah al Ma3toog's song.. who also sang "goom erwi ya rawi qissat baladna", and who passed away at a very young age from bulimia.
I dont know her either :/
I do remember Kan wedi niltigy...
remember the bro & sis dueto?
Papillona, I swear I just cried listening to atouna a'tufooil.

Talk about vulnerability.
hmm who is she?
I remember her! When I read the post I got a shiver! I remember her days while we were using the aerial antenna :P
So `3assel wishak ya 2amar ..bil 9abone wo el 7ajar (i think)! `3assel wishiiiiiii :P

What happened to her?
Shurouq, what the hell, ME TOO *sniff sniff*

oh and Baytee bayteee baddi baytee riddooli baity birdani ana. and the video clip I thought she was standing next to ka3ba lol I remember I used to cry like hell (shal 7ala? 3afya 6ofoola)
3baid! "ana 3endi arniba" mu hoda 7sain?
oh! and *GROUP HUG*
who is she? Not a big music fan.
مرحبا شباب وصبايا أنا حابب وصلكو للسايت
 إلي فيو أغاني ريم بندلي ورجعكم للطفولي WwW.BeU.Co.iL iala
bye and
have fun ... its MP3
First of all!! SORRY for bringing tears into everyone!! but hey! I cried too so.. GROUP HUG!!
Shorooq, etsadgeen hathy malat il arniba ma3araft-ha! was she of Remi's age?

I know this song by Reme papa noel =~} nice song.

Delicately Realistic, lol you're so young! lol

Judy, a 4 year old (at the time) who sang for Leban as it was going through war and stuff, check the link =}

Hopeless Poet, ghassil weshak ya amaar bel saboone wel 7ajaar wainak ya amaar? 3am ghasil wesheeeeeeeee lol I love this song!

I don't know what happened to her! she must be around 25, 26 by now madri! couldn't find anything about her as a grownup =/
OH!! ana 3endi arneba!! jameela 7elwa em'adeba? lol!! ee ee tawni athkerha hathy!! Papillona! LOL

Granda Funk, okay I think you guys ili under 23 will not recognize her hehe!!

Gaby, Thanx! =}
ahem.. the oldest of you all speaks..
"ana 3indi arniba" was for wa7da bint Al Sani3.

as for Remi, chinna i remember going to al shi3ib park for a concert by her but she wasn't there!! she was replaced or something.

and, i don't feel like crying!
my comment says 12:25 AM!
sheno aren't you in Kuwait?
olla sponty! just how old r u ;P
Flam, you should cry! it's a good stress relief! hehe

Badoor, younger than you! =P
Papillona, it's not by Hoda :P

"maw3oodeen (wiyakom?), wilmaw3id al7een al7een!" (from TV?)

"heli-yulla ya a97ab........???" (a song we used to sing in KG but can't remember the words)

"eedi kidah, boosy kidah.. a9ub il shay.. warga3 kidah!"

"toot toot, toot toot, tot tot tot tot tot!" (guess! :P)
"baity baity, riddooly baity bardaneh anaaaaaa"
This song used to make me cry!! =(
why dont i know her???
3baid, yeah I know some of those, hatheela egyptian songs for kids, la hathy a different story, click on her name bil post you'll find some of her songs, mainly 3atoona il tofooly
NuNu, I couldn't find this one! ={ it used to make me cry too specially when she says redooli il le3ab we7sani il khashab, this kid taught me how to appreciate my toys ={
a3sab wee tawni ashoofech! hehe madri! did you hear her songs?
ma a3arefha !! she's cute ..
Remi Bandali. I loved her. Did you find out what happened to her?

OMG I'm listening to the song now. It does bring tears to one's eyes.
Here's like a Lebanese chat forum that has links to her songs:


I listened to one, but I can definitely say it didn't bring back any memories.
You people need psychotherapy!
I know this is late, but..
I didn't like her, but it reminded me sitting inthe back seat of my mom's car & my sis used to sing along with the "a`atoona altifoola" song :)
Hehehe!!! Bo_ghazi then you must be e7sasless!!!! How come you didn't like her??!! Aku a7ad may7ibha?!!! =/
nunu... she had an annoying voice...
bo_ghazi! men!

NuNu, he really is e7sasless! =P yebteeha

mother courage, yeah she's adorable =}

Hana, join the crying club =P

P.I.M.P, =}

Q8Sultana, yeah I had this link too, it has less than my link did, thanx for the thought though =}
hi remi i know you since you started to sing i can't forget your lovly kids and others song but in the internet there is a lot of missing and lovly songs hope that you'll update all your song to let oure child listen to it and reconize you ;)finaly hope that your voice still lovly like before and to here it again
Buffalo, ermmm, am not her .. =/
but hey thanx for the thought =}
Do u know where i can find Remi Bandali's vedio tape please help me i want it :(
am sorry Fatin =/ I looked around too I just couldn't find anything, mayeb in lebanon though! hehe not so smart I know
E3younAlbak, hehe! glad that I have passed by your post at the right time =}
i love you, i truely do, it's just great, what can i say,brings back more than memories,
again i love you, i have posted one song on this site (i hope you don't mind) and someone posted an articl about her, she is studying in Canada now,
I don't speak english..sorry...but I love this song,"sauvez l'enfance" and I want listenning this song...can you help me??thanks..
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