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"Just Forget About It"

I don't like it when I feel like talking and people would say "it's okay just forget about it" it's like saying "just shut up! we don't even care" and I don't mean people from nowhere I mean people who are supposed to be "friends"..
Regardless, my question now is as following, How Can You Forget?! "just forget about it" sounds very easy to say! but can you actually do it?! I do try, it takes forever for me to move on, but to forget? there are so many things that am just sick of and there's nothing I can do about it to make it better, I don't mean here specific matters like relationships, but yes it is included, I do mean in all fields, I hold grudges! I never let go of my anger, you'd assume that time helps get over it but it doesn't! it just makes things different but not unmemorable! trust me, it's been years, they are still there and they keep popping up every once and while which pisses me off completely!
What pisses me off even more is that I know we as we live have alot less issues than many surrounding us! yet we don't appreciate what we have and say ilhemdella, no we seek trouble by even creating them to ourselves! I got to the point of not wanting to say anything anymore but then the time comes and when I lay my head down to sleep, the show starts! if only my pillow could speak! I guess then it would probably only ask me to shut up and forget about it too!
Time.. how can you make it go back?!

I forget easily! "moving on" is my thing lol.

Seriously, it started that I force myself to forget. I force myself not to think of anything that could cause me pain. Screw it all!

Now my mind is set to forget automatically. I forget everything, I mean EVERYTHING!! it's bad! really baaaad..
I have no memory.

who are you again?
LOL! God Bless!

unlike you I can totally tell you things from childhood, I love those memories, it's the ones I have from my growup life that I don't like!

I bet by now you don't even know what was it that we're talking about! =P
well yeah I had to reread your post to write this comment. and now I forgot again. ok I should go now
oh sponta i really know what i mean ... and specially when you lay ur head on that pillow and things start over as if they just happened and tears kill your eyes.
but my dear when people tell you its ok its like they dont know what to say to comfort you.

My dear (big hug)
i know you can't forget actually no one can but its this game we all play a game of making our self believe that we forgot and get busy with other stuff and after a while you will start to remember the old story and then you relize that you really forgot or actualy you didnt think about it for a while and you cant remember the details of it.

So bil akheer this is moving on.
my dear life gets better if you want it to do so.
7abeebty walla i realy know how it feels realy realy . (BIG HUG :* )
oh i agree with papillona :) me too i really forget every thing nasaya daraja oola :)
i even forget the people i sit with !:S ops
I know what you mean, It is too hard for me to forget things, sometimes I assume that time helps me get over it but it doesn't!!
Sometimes I try to convince myself to forget and just act normal about it but the truth is I'm NOT forgetting!!
So I guess I just move on BUT never forget.
7ayaty sponta :*
That pillow part killed me.
Anything you want to say or complain about i'm hear, i'm a professional listener, PHd and all! :P
I'm like you I don't forget, I dwell and dwell but sometimes I am like Papillona and forget things. I'm a mix.

Cheer up hon'!
Judy, you're a sweet heart! =} hug appreciated =~}

NuNu, yeah I know what you mean it's a drag, it when I say "yalla ilhemdella shensawi baa3ad" hehe

Delicately Realistic, good to know! hehe I didn't mean to upset you I was writing as I was thinking I do that sometimes, I say things as I think them without rethinking if maybe I shouldn't have! kharboota ehehe! =P

thanks you girls =* you're amazing =}
piece of paper if ur in a lecture.. notepad when ur on the pc.. and the good old mind power when ur among ppl

you are your best friend
Temetwire, true that, eventually I don't think anyone would love me as much as I love me hehe! =P
Best regards from NY! » » »
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