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Last night I was out with a couple of my friend, we ran into other friends (well not really friends just people my friend knows) and we all sat together, all of different nationalities, say we were about 6 at the table and all of us seem to get along nicely, until one had to leave so her friend suggested walking her to her car, right at that momentl, one of the “not really a friend” went: ew sho besh3a flaana! ma7abaita! (expressing how ugly he thought she was) I had my eyes a little too wide open staring at my kiwi juice as he went on and on abotu how she looks, my friend (my actual friend) tried to explain how she thought she was not ugly at all she had a charming personality and natural features, which she did she was quiet interesting and fun, but he kept on insisting that he found her rather ugly and using his exact words “betnaffir” when I couldn’t take it anymore as I was thinking, this person is such a charlatan!! He was talking and laughing and was very friendly with her and as soon as she walked away he trash talks like that!? I mean even if he found her ugly couldn’t he have kept this valuable information to himself?!.
And there went Sponty =} .. I suddenly barged into the conversation, I said "how can you be nice to someone you don't like! I wouldn't even want to be around people I don't like" he said that he had to cause she's his friend's friend! “ya3ni you HAD to be nice NOT that you actually are” that’s when he got my point, I was asking myself to shut up while I was speaking but I think I got a little too pissed off to shut myself up, it was over taking me! And I went on and on about how that was disrespectful even to us the rest of the people left on the table cause now we know that as soon as we leave he’ll start bad mouthing us.. by that time his friend came back from walking that poor girl to her car, and he was all nice again to that person not even feeling guilty for what we just said!! I was like wow!!! Some people just have it!! I told my friend am not at all comfortable with those people I’d rather leave and just continue the evening somewhere else, so we do.

This next part of the story has nothing to do with being hypocrite but they are some how related I just had to mention it.
We went to a place, I don’t know if I should mention the name =P and we sat down ordered our drinks and started picking up the fun where we left it, suddenly I see my friend jumping off her chair and pointing to the floor, I was hoping it was not what regularly people point at the floor for, but it was, yes my friends, a cockroach =} in the restaurant, with the wings and all GROSS!!! We went to the end of the restaurant where we asked for our bill from over there and for someone to get our stuff and moved again to another place hehe.
What a night huh! we were a little tense too in that other place expecting those insects (including people like that guy mentioned earlier) to show up but gladly the night went on without any more discomfort ilhemdella =}

Yeah I would NEVER be a friend of that type of people!! You know people like that, have NO friends AT ALL!!! They're just unfriended.. Wel mshkila they know they are!! They love to spread trashy talks about other people!! Wai3!! Ish'hal people!! They're JUST sick!!!

And about that cackroach, EeWw!! Which restaurant is that 3shan ma aroo7!!! =/
You said what was on your mind, then got up and walked away. Bravo, you did the right thing :)

Hypocrites are hypocrites - don't worry, it'll get back to him, in the worst way imaginable. It usually does.
NuNu, well the restaurant's name is very similar to yours! hehe I don't why I just don't feel right saying it even though the hint was way too clear hehe!

mcarabian, I know I just hope they learn from it! hopeless case =/
Lol Nino?! I didn't expect Nino, I would have thought Friday's, cuz I've heard many rumours about it.

About that hypocrite, wallah you did the right thing o 3ijabteeny, a9lan for a moment while I was reading I thought you weren't going to do anything about it, bs istanast when you did. Hate people like that! I have friends like that, you see have many different kinds of friends, and whenever I befriend someone knew LAZIM y6al3on shay, ily "ana ma7ib natharat'ha", o ily "Ma arta7laha" It's so unfair, I hate it when people judge when they don't even know the person!
Delicately Realistic, yes haram fetha7naahom =/ but it's true, and to be fair we were sitting outside but ham come on ya3ni we always sit out side in restaurants that was the first time we get attacked =P hehe

I know what you mean about such people!! that's the thing about me I can't be around people I don't like hehe bs il zaiwi kanat 7obta il thaaher! =P
I think it's kinda hypocritical to pretend writing a post at 23:00 while it was really written sometime this morning.
Who goes to NiNo! its an old place that no one wants anymore, and you go there!

Gigi, wordlessly
tata botata, I don't get why this happens! hehe but frankly speaking I don't see why the attitude =}

Purg, we wanted a quite place and outdoors very nice kan, everywhere else is totally packed 7ag khezni wakhezzek?
GiGi I got that from your earlier comment and as I mentioned to tata I don't see why this happens I do post on the same hour, I guess I timed my whole blog wrong, sorry for the inconvenience it’s not like it makes any difference to me where I appear in Safat or whatever
there I changed the timing to much earlier to avoid your pointless tefelsef =P
hmmm something tells me I just made things worse! lol
You got some spunk in you! By the way, what does "betnaffir" mean? I'm not familiar with that word.
People like him are too self-centered to have real friends.

About restaurant hype: as soon as people hear a romantic story about "him & her" encounter at a certain restaurant, they think, "gosh, I want that to happen to me, lets go to that place, I might get lucky".

Kinda like "shari3 il 7ob". Wake up people, it's just a regular road! Teens have this idea imprinted in their minds that "this is where love takes place" and you see them looking their best, pretending to mind their own business while they look around to see if someone is noticing them. :/
I hate 2 faced people and liars.
yeah you messed with GiGi.
Ma 7addadtay who you meant by "pointless tefelsef". 7addiday 3alashan in3arif shlon inrid 3alaich!

Gigi, angrily
Nino??!!!!! YA lahwiteeeeeeeesh!!!! EeWw!!! =/

Tata, laa ehya em'3ayra el timing mal her blog.. emsaweetah french NOT kuwaiti..
william, hi =} "betnaffir" means she .. hmmm like saying she's disgusting or stinks or whatever that makes people stay away from her you see where am going here? not a nice thing to say.

3baid, LOL gool walla ako nas chithey?! they think that it's in the place itself?! ilhemdella welsheker =P

Don Veto, me too! =|

Purgy, o far7an awi? =P

GiGi, walaw =} easy does it girl ;} e7na mo mal put up a fight for such issues =}

NuNu, hehe thanx for standing up for me girl I didn't know to explain it to them =P
NuNu, 3ad tadreen 3endi it appears something o on Safat it appears something totally different 7atta australia malha shighel eb hal timing! ya3ni here I had it on 1:00 pm shako tale3 11:00 pm madri! o kaloona allah yehadeehom =P
Yeah, do not mess with GiGi
ifff i hate that type of ppl...my friend has a couple of friends that do that all the time, and whenever i see them they pick one person and talk abt him/her in the most detailed way possible until we leave! i totally understand and agree with this bit "cause now we know that as soon as we leave he’ll start bad mouthing us.. "
So are you telling us that roaches are hypocrites? Or is it that hypocrites are roaches?

Nino :( I love their mushroom soup. I'm sure that roach is long gone now, probably on its way to applebees
zain sawaytay feeh
"Walaw" haaaa? 3ugub shino! >:P

Listen, il-salfa killaha inna if a person asks to be on Safat, then they should respect the guidelines, instead of saying "it's not my brobrem" or that the guidelines are "pointless tefelsef". If you didn't know what was the problem you could have asked how to set it straight, instead of being careless and insulting :P

3al 3omoom 7a9al khair.

Gigi, disapprovingly
that poor roach malega ye6la3 ela for u? he didnt know any better ;P
ms milk, ee I don't get how they think "ok here's something to talk about! flan/a" I mean apart from this guy we met a group who did that, the whole time it was nothing but hathy sho labse o hathy sho 3amle and I was like SO WHAT!! anything else please!

Hanan, that hypocrites are roaches hehe YES THEY ARE! =P

Sorry to be the one who tells you this, but he's pretty much dead now, actually he's been dead since that night so he probably made it to roache heaven and married to a fairy roache =} he's in a better place. =P

a3sab, fee who? il zaiwi wela il hypocrite? hehe

GiGi, no insulting intended =}

Badoor, oh no he de'ent! =P *snap*
lol sponta ... r u q80?
mother, "haw ee!" hehe that says it doesn't it =P
LOL!!! Ee wallah GiGi mu m5alya a7ad eb 7alah!!! ;P
hey girl!

Where have you dissapeared to? Wassup? Whats going on?!

Hope all is well, I bet you must be busy in Ramadan :o)
NuNu, oh fee tha7aya ghairi? hehe

Q8Sultana, busy? no that's not the word, more like.. way too bored to try anything hehe! apart from that all is well hope things are good wih you =} shall reappear on surface once things are a tad faster =}
God ! What a mean person ?!!

As for the insect :EewWww
blossom, very expressive hehe =} you cute
Yeah most of the bloggers are victims!!! ;P
I hate people like that.
NuNu, il shar barra web3eed manabi victims =P

Grandma Funk, tell me about it! I wish I could handle them in hell hehe
7asha chethy ye7esh !!!but reslly likedthe way you replied to him :)
SoWhat =} he needs to see this reaction from more than one person to know that it's not a nice thing I guess
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