Rien d'especial.. relax, kick back & feel at ease *^_^*



Happy Ramadhan...


Is it really happy? hehe well after fotoor it will be, I have to admit the starving part kinda gives me a headache but still there's this weird sense or feeling or whatever that comes with this holy month and I just love that feeling! things will pick up after fotoor I guess hehe! =}

Okay so am at work now and I know I don't want to be here, I got tons of stuff to do and I'd rather be out there doing them than to just sit her and be pretty lol.

Am so taking the rest of the day off in a little while and start doing whatever it is that I've been postponing for the past like 2 weeks or whatever, enjoy the rest of the day you guys =}

Have a nice one.

mbarak 3alaich alshahar sponta :)
Oh this is soo cool! This is the second blog akoon ana awal wa7da agool imbarak 3alaich il shahar ;) wanasaa...salamat abt the headache, it will last for the first few days :P
ooops tawa 6ala3ly bo-ghazi's comment!! Sebagny in one minute! one minute!!
Happy Ramadan :)
Happy Ramadan to you too!!
3sach mn 3eWaDdah ;*
3asaach meen 3awadaaaa
Ramadhan to Arabs is watching TV and making good dishes. I miss Ramadhan in Kuwait. Being around your family is just a gift from God. Anyways, happy Ramadhan everyone.

btw, stop the GOSSIPing!!!!!
imbarak 3alaich ilshahar,sponty, wainich 3'a66ah
3aleena o 3aleech
3alaina o 3alaich :)
No i hate the feeling after futoor!! Cz I love me when I'm khafeefa! Oh no not khafeefa I mean EMPTY!! A7la! ;P
Ee wembarak 3alaich el shahar =)
Dear Sponty,

Mbarek 3alech alshaher


Happy Ramadan.
hi sponty...embarak 3alaich el shahar...I know what you mean about that feelings...it's hard to describe...but it feels good...and yes..life would be much better if we were taking the days off...come to think of it..I think I'm gonna do just that...:)
bo_ghazi, 3alaina o 3alaik monsieur =}

Ms.Milk, hehe allah yesalmech hon =}

Blossom, thanx babe =} same to you =}

Samboose, Same to you sweets =}

Mother Courage & Cosmifree, ma3arf ared 3ala hathy =| same to you? hehe
P.I.M.P .. ok =| happy ramadhan to you too =/

a3sab, 3alaina o 3alaich hon =} got a tad busy with life =} don't worry you won't miss me again =P

Judy & Tequila, 3alaina o 3alaikom intaw! =P

NuNu, ams I got so stuffed! I'll avoid that today! o 3alaina o 3alaich :P

Misguided, Same To You =}

Shopaholic, same to you hon =}

misscosmo, way to go! hehe enjoy the day off ;} happy ramadhan to you too =}
happy ramadan to u2
Am I not wanted in here Sponty?
Ramadan Kareem Hun! :D
Happy Ramadan to you too :))
Happy month of Ramadhan :D
And yeah working in this month his annoying! Time moves slow and everybody is like bored! Thank god for the internet and the messenger :P
3alaina o 3alech hon ;)
unfold, same to you =}

P.I.M.P I never said that =/ you did nothing but cha3eming everybody =| am starting to think it's us ili now wanted here =s you're most welcomed in my area =}

*~$&!~* Same to you =}

deedee, same to you hon =}

Hopeless Poet, word my brother!! lol so true =P

Peach, right back at ya =}
Spontaneousnessity: Thanks for welcomin me in your blog. I appreciate it mam. I'm not bothering anyone in here, I'm just commenting. If you don't like my comments, just ignore me! It's that simple!

happy ramadan babe ;)
Mbarak 3alaich eshahar :)
Ramadan Kareem to you to!
P.I.M.P =}

Badoor, thanx same to you hon =}

Jwaira, 3alaina o 3alaich babe =}

Q8Sultana, to you too! long time! =} good to see ya =}
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