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The Real P.O.W's

I had many friends that I cared for who had family members taken as Prisoners Of War back in 1990, I felt so bad for them, I was a child but I recognized that they took helpless people regardless of their age, gender, profession, marital status and even mental status! Maybe the most sorrowful feeling I got is when a mother spoke of her missing child, or when a child spoke of his missing parent, whenever there was a song or a poem related to the Kuwaiti prisoners made them break down and made us burst into tears.
As I Grow Up:

1-I met a girl in my music class when I was about 11, she was so much fun and had a great laugh, it was weird to see her cry whenever something related to the prisoners came up, I never wanted my father to pick me up from school to avoid hurting her feelings, I thought she’d appreciate that but nowI don’t think she cared, it was a different world she in at that time.

2- Years later and as a teen who appreciated brotherhood, I started to think of the brothers who have been taken and how a younger sister would miss having her older brother teaching her how to drive or how to use a computer and such, and maybe at that age too I thought of those who were in love and lost each other, I questioned myself if they moved on or would they still be waiting after just many years.

3- As a grown up today in my 20’s, I realized a much significant issue, the wives!! It’s been 15 years!! I had to ask and I knew that in our religion if you spouse was missing for over 3 years you have the right to get a divorce from court and move on with your life *la 7awla wala qowwa* .. 3 years!! it’s a must to avoid inconvenience, ok .. and after 7 years? 10? 15!??

I asked a friend who worked in the P.O.W’s organization, she had no problem saying that many woman, specially after 5/7 years, came to file a divorce due to missing, the organization refused to divorce unreasonabley, it was positioned strictly that no P.O.Ws’ spouse to be divorced until missing spouse is found, dead or alive.

And so the available "single wife" happens to find her self infront of not too many options, none of them appealing, none of them fair, none of them suitable to her needs nor her situation, she then has no option but to give up! and she does, some gave up and waited till their missing spouses were announce dead 15 years later as they recognized they have wasted their lives down the drain, and some gave up and lived a life they once have had a better one,.. they could have had better if it wasn't for the harsh cruel sentence, they are prisoners who were never behind jail bars, we still have Prisoners Of War and we will always have them between us,

that's a thoughtful post sponata.. u can extend that to mothers, fathers, children.. even children who were yet unborn.

do you know that i have to go to work every day, seeing a sign jut before my work exit that says: lan yrta7 lana jafn 7ata yarji3 akhir asser"

sponta, who do u think they mean now?
Haven't they declared that there were no prisoners left during the, "war in Iraq"? The KTV sign no longer has a yellow ribbon.
Alla iykon bil 3on o iy9abbur iglob'hom ..
alaah eykoan fee 3oan ahalhom walaa mesakean mayadroan shenoo 9ar 7ag e3yalhom oo al7ekomaa oo alnaas nesoohom walaa

alaah yer7amhom ebra7metaa
Vintage, it's too late for this sign now, so sadly to admit some suggest we forget the whole thing.

3baid, there were no living prisoners true, the whole organization was shut down.

Sloth, Amen ya rab.

Cosimfire911, allah yerhamhom :|
The least we can do is that we never forget their sacrafices.
I stand behind my idea that we should have a huge memorial listing the names of all those who have died during the Iraqi invasion & those who were POWs.
bo_ghazi, I am seriously working on something, I do expect facing difficulties due to those who insist on forgeting, we shall see.
Sponta, I myself had a plan in mind to do something but I stopped for no obvious reason.

If you need any help I'm seriously willing to assist you. E-mail me if you want to :)
bo_ghazi, thanx!! seriously appreciated :) I'll be updating you with the idea and all, very glad to see someone willing to do something about it :)
You have an outstanding good and well structured site. I enjoyed browsing through it »
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