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Which One Are You?


*Thank goodness I am more like the man IN the mirror*
LOL the guy infront of the mirror thinks he looks like the guy in the mirror too :P hehe
hahahahaha good one sponty ;)
Tequila69, =}
Hehehe! The pics are funny. :P Which one am I?? NOT the woman in the mirror (il7imdila).
Salted-Caramel hehe il7emdella ;)
im the guy LOL
NooNi, in the mirror wela infront of the mirror?! :|
im both:P times like her times like him
hehehee i'm the woman both inside and outside the mirror :P
Thanks a lot for assasinating me like that! ;^]

I never said I look exactly like the guy in the mirror; just "more" like him. Thank God I am not that pale. Lol.
lol both but in a female version lol
one problem.. i never


worry about :)
the first ;P
I'm both ba3d
I am the one who drew those images :P
I used to be picture #1 but now I'm more of picture #2 it took me a while to love myself and I'm happy with my curves ;D
q8ibloger, hehe in what sense!! hehe

Flam, eeeeeee 7atta ana!!

Tantalize, hehe didn't mean to kill your spirit :P glad you think so ;)

NooNi, ashwa :P
Vintage, it's just for a laught :) but hey good for you :)

m, the first in wela the first out!? hehe

NuNu, LOL zain serna wayed :P

Hopeless Poet, got your way out easily huh :P
Jelly Belly, good for you! hehe!! feel good in the inside to feel good on the outside :P
Yes I did! Smart me ha? :P
But actually that is because I don't see anything when I look at the mirror! I am invisible :P
lol! :P
Hopeless Poet, ya7asratna :|

Hope, ;)
Laish ya 7asratkom? It is good to be invisible! I see and cannot be seen :p
Hopeless Poet, nafs il yenanwa :P that's why ya7asratna.
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