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No! Please! Not Me!

They say "better wait for the right man to come", but what if the right man came and did not realize that you’re the right woman! incase you go through :) this seems to have worked with some :P .. Good Luck!

hummm... eventually this will happen :p
LOL! if you allow it to ;)
sponta! LOL
this will lead me to post something on ksgs LOL
ba3aad! lol yalla surprize us ;)
If the right man came a long and didn't notice you.....The conclusion he wasn't the right man to begins with.
The woman pulling the man symbolizes marriage perfectly!

You will not know that you missed the right one until it is too late and you are already with the wrong one!
Somehow in the end everything works out and you end up with the right person. Alla adra ib ni9ebich :)
bo ghazi sooner or later betseer heheh
LOL! Funny pic! :P At my old school near the toilets, I noticed someone cut of the head of the man in the "MEN's toilet" sign and stick it on the hand of the "WOMEN's toilet" sign. That was funny!
so how do u know the right person ???
i thing the my right women is missing or she moved out of kwt cos i cant find her
samboose, good point :)

tantalize, LOL as I said it seems to have worked for some hehe

Hopeless Poet, fal allah wala falek :(

m, yeah alot seems to believe in this thought ;)
Salted-Caramel, LOL la e7na nicer we only pull them around no chopping! hehe

Cosimfree911, yaaah hal question broo7a yabeela terebbe3 o ga3da malha aakher :) then as you should listen to samboose, as she said if the right ones came and walked away then they can't be the right ones :)
nice post ! :)
LoL men always need women to show them the right way ;p
Apprently everyone agrees that a man needs to be shown the way, guided, enlightened,

Ladies.....Show me the way :P
Sloth, :)

Mother Courage, tell me about it!

Saad, one day my friend :) hehe you shall be dragged to the right direction hehe don't rush it ;)
LOL 3ajeeba! this should be on KWSGS!
A thrilling picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Colourful and Amazing Wedding Cake

Roman Alsace-Lorraine
Flam, I posted it before I joined ;) it does belong there better.

Roman, I bet it was yummy too ;) glad you like it thanx for dropping by :)
Yes I'd say that this would happen someday ;P
NuNu, send me an invitation :P
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