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The Master Of Misgiving!

Did you ever think you could actually be the wrong person at the wrong place at the wrong time??

Like everyone else I was traumatized by the bombing that took place in London a couple of days ago, it was very shocking and moving to see terrified faces of innocent people covered with blood and wounds helping eachother away from the crime scene, unbelievable really, whomever done this totally suppose their work as a creation of bravery and heroism! what book say kill the innocents!?

I had made my contacts; also like everyone else, and made sure all of my friends who study, work and spending the vacation over there in London were safe and harmless, ilhemdella they were all fine nonetheless in a state of shock and despair, as worried as I was about this whole thing.

I thought of a friend of mine who live in Kuwait excepting that he happens to travel a lot as his work requires, I knew for a fact he happened to be in NY during 9/11/2001, I also knew he was in Lebanon during “Hareree’s assassination” on 2/14/2005, then it hit me! I supposed this would be a weird even a little scary consideration but might as well ask! I called his sister and we spoke a little about the London thing when she said: “Yeah I hope my brother is OK!” I went quiet for a little while then I thought for a second… maybe it's about time I lost contact with these people!

Funny he happened to be in the exact same location as all those terroristic acts. Hmmm. Suspicious, non? :P
BTW, your blog URL is not showing on your profile.
Salted-Caramel, thanx for the notice, I'll see if I know how to work on it hehe

did you find out if he's ok?
I hope he is :(
yeah he's fine, 3omr il sha'ey ba'ey :P
Maskeen he is the wrong person at the wrong place at the wrong time!! Wa3alayya!! =/
NuNu, told ya! :) yo7ot nafso fe mawaqef baykhaaaaa!
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