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Mama’s Choice..

And if that diamond ring don’t shine..
Mama is ganna get you a bran new wife..

So you want to get married, not because you found your other half, but because your friends are all married now and you're feeling a tad left out and your mama's been telling you that it's time you do, it's a must evil, that's what I hear from every person who's about to get married, and the right move towards this evil is if your mama gets it for ya :)

why is it evil? and why is it a must? why don't you wait till you and your better half come across each other? this isn't it supposed to be beautiful? I'm not arguing with "traditional customs" but let's speak as we live today, are we really following any of these customs? aren't we way too different than our mothers were as were they as their mothers were? you can go on and on with this thought.

Back In the days when the customs were right was when girls never went out, never worked, were never even seen, mamas chose them because eventually they were going to live togather so they had to get along, the husbands usually went the sea for several months, I totally understand why mama's choice seems right in this story, does any of this applies to us? On what basis do mothers choose today?

I understand now that some men don't trust their own decisions, and since mama's choice is the untainted choice, then the girl mama chose is no way near a person you may have had as a friend for life, or a person you knew for a couple of years and had feelings for that even your mama's choice couldn't help you get over, when after a while from living with mama's choice you realize, you've had the best thing you ever had! your other half! and you let it go away.. because you believed that mama's way is the right way..

.. or is it?!

I once met this cool guy. And when I told my friends that he has potential they laughed. They were like him, no way!? ok, why? Because his mom already has 2 choices for him, either flana or flana. lol, I was instantly turned off by that. Honestly, how can they disregard females that are great matches for them, and go for what is accepted by society. They all will wake up 20 years from now questioning thier choices, or the lack of.
I know I get that all the time in our society! it's why they end up fooling around or marrying someone else by the time they're 40, it's unfair to themselves first of all and to mama's choice hehe
Ya.. mama's choice will be the victim.
spont. "mama's puppies" usually have make their own choices when it's too late. i.e. he gets married to his mama's choice but still has a girlfriend or a lover or sometimes a second wife that HE chooses.

nice post
Salted Caramel, even a self chosen wife has a chance of bein a victim :| that's a whole different issue allah yekafeena ilshar.

Sarah, true that! just as I remarked on Waterlilie's point, by the time their 40 they'll realize they have done a huge mistake having all those kids now that they just found the one the wanna be with, crap :(

oh and welcome you guys to my spot :) hehe about time I said it :P
This way is so stupid and it doesn't make sense, in Kuwait most girls are moving away from traditions in every aspect of life except this one, I mean girls are putiing make up 24-7, being in mixed schools, travelling alone, breaking most of the rules but when it comes to marriage its something else totally. Also the fact that the guy can play around for years before he gets marries and usually never marries someone he played with before, is just plain stupid! Are you familiar with the quote "rayal may 3eba shay!"
hi from brasil
u can take any stuff from my blog, u r welcome.
are u born in kuwait?
thx for the visit.
Well all my friends are married and even my younger brother and my cousin who is also younger than me! So what am I waiting for? I certainly don't want my mom or family choose the wife for me! I have to choose her myself! But when is that stupid other half gonna come my way? I ain't getting younger :P
Talking about a "must evil", i heard once that all the successful, good-looking, e3yal 7amoola men are followed by the "mamas rules" which makes them for the next couple of years their "wives puppies" and that's very true!!
The next generatoins are gonna be "the poor little victims" who'll be raised by saperated families with lots of social problems by then =/
m, I can go on and on about this matter, if we wanna talk about actual facts as we are then the holly Qur’an clearly said that both men and women sinners shall be punished equally, I do not know where do men get off being all superior sinning wise! Heh! how lame could such civilization be!
lilaa thanx hon :) Kuwait welcomes Brazil :)

Hopeless Poet, hehe don't look :P she'll fine you, and way to go my friend! you and your rare kind make me proud hehe :)
NuNu, All?! so you call Hopless Poet unsuccessful, ungood looking and unweld 7mola? :P
would you want brad pitt if he was mama's boy?
besides, a wife who settles for a man like that must question herself dignity to begin with ;)
Spontana!! I don't "CALL" hopeless poet this!! And I don't "SAY" that!! You have to reread my comment, AGAIN i "HEARD"
o ba3dain hopeless poet is better than the "mama's puppies" me3temid 3ala nafsah..

Plus, I'm not a huge fan of Brad Pitts =/
its nice to love some one and some one loves u but the hard part is finding this person its not EZ to find love here in kwt

9ara7aa i found it just once oo lelasaf she was the one or that what i thought but after few months she start asking me about marring her i told her that we will but this time is so bad i had my werst year i couldnt get married at this time so i told her to wait after that she start goin away antel she was gone and she is happley married and i wishe her luck she was so sweet
after that i havent find any one else its hard here where can we go so we meet the right person ?? thats the big Q where ??

i cant find any one if u can me tell me where can i meet ms right
why did they shut down the place you met your ex at? :P sorry no means to joke, but seriously if you keep on thinking she was mrs. right then no matter how perfect others are they will still seem less than she is, it's a certain feelin no one else can help you get rid of but you, there isn't a specific spot where good people gather at to go and collect which ever you like, you eventually will get to meet your good one and inshalla, just believe that you will and stop looking ;) if you're meant to meet then let it happen the way it's supposed to do, o good luck inshalla
Sometimes, though, I think life would be a whole lot easier if we were all just assigned someone...
well she WAS mrs right but not any more i know that i moved on with my life and i dont look for one like her she was nice and cute but i know evey girl is difrent so im Not looking for one just like her but realy there is no good place to meet girls here in kwt i think we should start club foe singels here in kwt or do somthing so we can meet some good ppl

well im not ganna try finding new ms right and ganna wait for her to find me bs anaa sawait elly 3ally its her turn now
Ian, wouldn't that be better? like a sign on their forehead or something

Cosimfree911, I wish you the best inshalla :)
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