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The HeartBreak Hotel..

How To Get Over A HeartBreak..

Months have passed by since you broke up and your heart's still in million pieces, you're finding it difficult to eat, or stop eating, sleep, work or think about anything except "How could he leave? What's wrong with me? or simply.. Why!

Here you can find counsels for checking out of HeartBreak Hotel, do it, you owe it to yourself..

1. Let it out, then let it go. Vent, cry, tell your friends for the 15th time how he worshipped the way you talk, the way you look, your smile, your eyes, your smell,.. If you don't let your emotions out, they'll fester inside, and so will the louse's memory. Allow yourself one last good wallow. Then stop.

2. Form a weekend club, weekends are tough for the newly single, so start calling friends early in the week to make plans, go get your hair and nails done, look great to feel great and let your smile take place, let your friends know that this is helping you while healing, if they care enough you should know you are making them happy by being happy, it’s a win/win state of affair.

3. Meet a fascinating woman: Yourself. Do the things you've been dying to try or that you'd put on hold because he disapproved of them, or you didn't want to know because they would keep you away from him, Enroll in that acting class, search for a new career, take that trip you've always dreamt of and didn't take because he didn't like traveling.

4. Retrain your heart. You will help your healing process once you can literally see him in a new, hunk-free light, imagining scenes that you want to happen, close your eyes and remember negative images, like when he had food dribbling off his chin ;) racked with rage at his callous behavior? In your mind's eye and only in your mind's eye, you can make him walk the plank, that should harmlessly blast away those venomous emotions slowly.

5. Close the door. Don't fall into yo-yo love, let it be over. If he keeps calling to say you should give it one more chance after leaving you, or that he has someone new but wants to stay friends, don't bite. Cut him loose and celebrate the new and improved you, be the “I won't-settle-for-anything-less-than-a-great-guy” you, that's the YOU you deserve to have.

6. Beware the rebound hurdle. Just when you thought it was safe to go out with mascara on! you're back and in love. now try to see this new man for who he is, not as a cure-all. remember that you don't cure lovesickness by replacing the love object. You've got to really be over your ex before you move on, again; you just have GOT TO BE OVER your ex before moving on! Which brings us to ...

7. Never generalize, this bad relationship you are trying the recover from could leave scars and forces you to compare your new relationships with the previous one, Don’t! allow the new person to understand the pain your had to go through and glad to finally have it gone, make it clear that it is not what you need nor want to exist in any sphere of your life

Finally, always believe that you are a much better person than to be treated in such harsh means, refuse to allow your ex to succeed in destroying your inner beauty, once that dies, you have alot less to move on with than you think, you got one chance to live, make the best of it.

Know that you are too precious to let yourself be in the wrong hands
Good Luck!

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thanx Purgy :)
As per your recommendation on Tantalize, I just read this post

I see how it makes sense, and believe it or not.. a lot of it (not all) applies to guys as well.
Zaydoun, I must say I am surprized to hear that :)

welcome in :)
What you said in your post is totally true and I agree with all of it especially the last two point because i experienced what you said from the first point .. wish you the best
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