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The 100 Things Thing

I saw that "100 things about me" in a couple of posts and I was thinking , hey maybe I can do that too! .. let me see..

1- I .. don’t know what to say..
2- I .. .. still don’t know what to say!
3- Okay! .. once I … I .. I really don’t know what to say!!
4- ... .... .......


kaaaaaaaaaaaaak really you have to work on this ;D
I'll do it on a 10 by 10 basis .. if I can even come up with 10 to begin with!!
mine rocked.. but that was in the old post -believe it or nt.. stil at work, but signing off-
lo0l i know what u mean.. u think u have it all figured out and then suddenly when u write the post,, ur brain freezes and u hit writer's block :P~
Well you set a new record ya Spontana :P
Vintage, khal I copy paste then hehe :P

Charisma, it's exactly what hit me! I was thinking .. 100 things? easy! .. and then this!

Hopeless Poet, LOL e7im, a record is a record whether good or bad hehe :P
just copy & paste but do it from various users so you wont get caught! And make sure you pick the best ones ;)
glad to know you spontana! we have so much in common! ;p
ummmmmm does it indicate that u don’t know ur self well !?
Or is ur mind very busy with other things !?
I can't do it either
Ok start by 10, its really easy just write things about you..fav food, music, bad habits, good qualities,etc. that kind of thing :)
Look at old pictures to get your memories going :)
bo_ghazi fekra!! and not fetha7tna!

Flam oh am honored! ;)

devilish, .. I don't know :|

Sarah, does it indicate that u don’t know ur self well ?! answer plz hehe
m, okay but the thing is I happen to be the moodiest creature on this planet, I could like some type of whatever now and not like it tomorrow! t7amedaw rabkom.. anyhow I promise I'll work on it hehe :)

3baid, hey I'll do that! thanx :)
sponta, no it indicates that I'm humble and not into "show-offs"

I don’t think it’s about showing off, it’s more of knowing our own strength, n weaknesses, more like a SWOT analysis of our personality. ummmmm some of us expect others to understand us quickly, yet we don’t know our selves.
Sarah, sweet :)

devilish, true, it's what am trying to say, I guess :\
LOL!Don't forget about every 20 or so to say...I'm glad this is number XX.;)
Christian, brilliant!! I'll have that in mind ;)
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